Company values

  • Together to the goal
  • Together to the Goal

    To be successful and achieve goals, it is only possible in the long term based on strong and commonly lived values. Trust in ourselves and our partners, our team spirit, the enthusiasm for each of our customers, especially in challenging projects, the responsibility with which we work every day with high professionalism, and last but not least, the innovation power we demonstrate in new solutions: These fundamental values ​​determine our daily cooperation at SWAN and especially the work with our customers and partners.

    We live Performance – To be able to do this every day and to be successful, we have created a basis with strong and commonly lived values. With the help of these values, we can always focus on what defines SWAN. They help us in our daily cooperation within the company, but also with our customers and partners. With this foundation, we can continuously develop as a team and grow to meet future challenges.

  • We live Performance! We grow as a team with every challenge.

  • Respect & Appreciation

    We appreciate the individual personality of our colleagues; we respect that each person brings their own ideas, ideals, and ideals. With the knowledge that each employee can best develop freely when they are perceived, reflected, and respected, it is a matter of the heart for us to communicate on an equal footing. We express appreciation and respect to all employees. In this way, we create mutual trust and lasting loyalty among our employees and business partners.

  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Flexibility

    Flexible conditions and opportunities for participation create space for creativity and innovation. We are open to new things and look forward to expanding our horizons. Therefore, we offer our employees the necessary freedom to fully utilize their skills and fulfill tasks to the best of their ability. Through hybrid workspaces, we promote cross-location and cross-functional activities and attach great importance to personal and direct exchange. Modern and contemporary work models promote individual strengths, create a healthy work-life balance, and allow for the reconciliation of work, family, and leisure.

  • Trust & Transparency

    We promote trusting cooperation through proactive, open, and honest communication. Transparency and self-determined work methods are essential success factors for cohesion and our good working atmosphere. The willingness to accept new ideas and perspectives, as well as the great freedom to shape, promote self-confidence and individual responsibility and ensure high motivation.

  • Trust
  • Team spirit
  • Team Spirit

    We are more successful as a team. Therefore, we proactively promote exchange among each other, even across departments and project teams. Joint and trusting cooperation is a cornerstone of SWAN. We appreciate different views and share ideas and knowledge to achieve our common goals. We organize tasks independently and responsibly, thus offering employees the opportunity for individual and personal development.