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  • Efficiency and Safety of Your Logistics Processes

    Warehouse automation is becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to enhancing the efficiency and safety of your logistics processes. We integrate your warehouse and conveyor technology with SAP EWM in such a way that you can control them in real-time from within it, even without additional middleware. This allows you to flexibly respond to exceptional situations and control material flows specifically.

  • Control Warehouse and Conveyor Technology in Real-Time, with and without Middleware!

  • Standard-Near SAP Implementation

    We rely on a standard-near SAP implementation. Our focus is on efficient performance with minimal customizations, allowing you to continue to benefit from all SAP update cycles and new developments. Drawing on over 13 years of project experience in the SAP environment, we incorporate best practices from past projects. Our goal is to create high-performance solutions for technology and process workflows.

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  • Upgrade
  • SWAN Frameworks for Your Individual Requirements

    With our SWAN tool landscape, we succeed in integrating your individual customizations into your system without having to intervene in the basic architecture. These SWAN frameworks are based on advanced SAP frameworks, allowing for a standard-near implementation. At the same time, we shorten the implementation time by having standardized extensions for many use cases that require less customization.

  • Efficient Connection of Technical Components

    Our roots lie in the integration of automation systems. Today, we are experts in connecting manufacturer-independent technical components to SAP EWM using interface solutions. From AGV fleet control to the integration of automated warehouses like AutoStore and the complex control of material flows in the warehouse, we can connect your entire logistics facility with your SAP EWM.

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  • Stock Room Management
  • Gamechanger in User Acceptance

    Our solutions focus on the end user. Therefore, we emphasize ergonomics and user experience through modern UI5 interfaces. This, combined with early training for users and key users, increases system acceptance and ensures smooth software implementation.

  • SWAN Quality Assurance

    Our promise – highest project quality. Thanks to our comprehensive technical expertise, we can ensure smooth system configuration and data conversion. At the same time, we make meaningful adjustments and extensions to the system. Our experienced developers ensure that these seamlessly integrate into your SAP landscape and ensure your long-term business success.

    • Project Audits
    • Assumption of Test Management in External Projects
      • Development of the Test Concept
      • Test Analysis and Planning
      • Resource Planning & Test Execution
      • Training Concepts & Trainings
    • Support in Automated Tests
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