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    Clear organisation of stock, trend and seasonal fluctuations in demand, delivery bottlenecks, processing returns, e-commerce – these are just some of the many challenges in the fashion sector. We provide customised solutions for functioning logistics and distribution to ensure that all requirements in the distribution and storage of clothing are met.

    And we do this for companies of all sizes – from speciality boutiques, retailers and wholesalers to global fashion players.

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    The logistics requirements in the fashion and clothing segment are characterized by retail processes with a distinction between wholesale and retail customers and high demands on omni-channel and returns logistics. In technical terms, the high number of article variants and the rapid change of the product range is always a challenge for controlling IT systems.

    SAP offers a wide range of options for integrating special processes via extended returns processing or cross-docking with integrated value-added service – the standard processes are usually not sufficient for the requirements of fashion logistics and a large number of industry-specific process adaptations are necessary. SWAN supports you in your project with extensive experience.

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  • Pocket sorter

    A pocket sorter enables space-saving buffering, sorting and sequencing of flat and hanging goods with high throughput rates. The automated sorting solution brings customer orders and returns into a sequence specified by SAP EWM. With the diverse data from the SAP ecosystem, decisions in the business process regarding prioritisation, time-to-deliver or transport consolidation can be made at the right moment.

    In close interaction with the intelligent SSI WAMAS matrix sorting, which is connected to SAP EWM via IDOC and web interfaces, you receive full transparency about your delivery performance.

  • Value Added Services

    In the fashion and clothing segment, there has always been a high demand for logistical, industry-specific additional services, which we optimally integrate into the warehouse process with our SAP EWM solutions. Based on customer, store and article requirements, corresponding material transports are initiated to VAS workstations in order to convert hanging garments into flat-packed goods or to install anti-theft protection.

    Other common value-added services in the fashion distribution warehouse include price labelling (red and black prices), re-labelling of articles, store preparation in which the shop structure (fashion, sports, men’s and women’s departments) is created and, increasingly, the documentation of sustainability processes.

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  • Our solutions

    • Omni-channel and online delivery
    • Passages, complex article variants with S/4HANA & SAP EWM
    • Processes for hanging garments / flat-packed goods in fashion logistics
    • Mapping of different processes for supplying wholesale and retail
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  • Damenunterw√§sche


    The Wiener Neustadt production site has become a logistics hub that acts as a distribution centre for Europe. Together with an agile project team, SWAN implemented many value-added services processes at 48 VAS stations as well as the complete MFS connection of the automated warehouse with container and pallet conveyor technology (length approx. 2.5 kilometres), high-bay warehouse, mini-load warehouse, Retrapick and 4-deep sorting towers for the underwear manufacturer. SWAN developed mobile SAP apps for Android and consistently implemented all user dialogues with SAPUI5 technology.

    Triumph’s project won the Austrian Logistics Award in 2019.