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  • Autostore – The Smart Solution for Your Modern Small Parts Warehouse

    AutoStore offers you a powerful, flexible, and quickly scalable solution for the storage and picking of small parts. The system is fully integratable with SAP EWM and can be retrofitted into existing warehouses without major construction work. This allows you to expand your storage capacities on your existing warehouse floor with minimal effort by optimizing storage space.

    As a modular system, AutoStore is based on system containers stored in blocks and moved by robots along an aluminum structure called the Grid. The unique design of the AutoStore structure optimally utilizes available space: containers are stacked directly on top of each other, allowing for the storage of multiple items in a single container. Container retrieval and storage are automated by robots, significantly reducing error rates. Thanks to intelligent container rearrangement during order processing, products that are needed more frequently are stored higher up, further reducing order fulfillment times.

    The system is expandable and grows with your business volume. Overall, the AutoStore system offers you an efficient, space-saving, and flexible solution for storage and picking. It improves productivity, reduces operating costs, and increases customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate order fulfillment. Whether you want to introduce new robots, storage spaces, ports, or logistics processes, with AutoStore and the right scalable logistics software, you stay flexible.

  • We offer powerful, flexible, and quickly scalable solutions for the storage and picking of small parts!

  • Highest Performance with AutoStore Integration in SAP

    Connect AutoStore directly to your intralogistics software: we seamlessly integrate AutoStore into your SAP EWM. The direct integration without middleware allows for quick integration into existing systems and rapid commissioning of new systems. The reduction of technical interfaces achieved through this unification of your IT landscape allows for improved data evaluation and consequently higher efficiency in ongoing operations. Thanks to our solution, AutoStore can be integrated into your logistics processes in just a few days – depending on delivery time and assembly of the AutoStore system for new installations.

    All warehouse and picking processes are controlled directly from your SAP system. This close system and process integration gives you complete transparency and control over your warehouse operations in real-time. At the same time, the system is operated through a single interface: Your employee requests containers via SAP EWM warehouse tasks for storage, delivery, or production orders, and AutoStore optimizes the delivery to the picking ports. Experience optimized control of the AutoStore system with all detailed data from your SAP EWM system.

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  • Usability
  • AutoStore Integration with Swan

    We accompany you on the path to the integrated AutoStore system: from planning to implementation of your networked automated warehouse.

  • Planning & Estimation

    We plan and estimate your AutoStore project according to your requirements. Using best practices, we provide you with a budget price estimate so you know the costs of your warehouse modernization early on and keep them in view.

  • Analysis & Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Hardware Implementation

    Together with a certified AutoStore partner, we take care of the implementation of your new AutoStore system. This includes the setup and commissioning of AutoStore components as well as sizing for your SAP systems to ensure optimal resource utilization.

  • Software Implementation

    We integrate AutoStore by deploying our SAP software package safely and in just a few days into your SAP EWM system and your existing business processes. SAP EWM customization according to your requirements is included. We also provide the SAP EWM solution for operating AutoStore systems to other SAP implementation partners. This allows you to rely on a proven solution from our MFS experts – regardless of whether you started your project with SWAN.

  • BAdI Framework
  • Migration
  • Project Management

    We take care of coordination between the executing implementation partner, involved system houses, and SAP partners.

Benefits of AutoStore Integration with SWAN
  • Direct integration without middleware allows for quick commissioning of the system and reduces the overall complexity of your installation.
  • Intuitive UI5 user interfaces ensure easy operation and reduce human errors.
  • Thanks to deep process integration, you have direct access to all administrative functions of your SAP EWM.
  • The automated and optimized control of the AutoStore system with all detailed data from your SAP system increases the efficiency of your installation.

  • High User Comfort – Improved Usability

    With our SWAN implementation strategy, you further enhance the performance of AutoStore and make your employees’ work easier: A key element of the SWAN AutoStore implementation in SAP is modern UI5-based dialogs that are intuitively usable and easy to learn. The clearly structured interfaces increase transparency, save time during training and in everyday use, and seamlessly integrate into your existing SAP EWM solution.

    In addition to the above-average usability, SWAN delivers ready-to-use best practice processes for storage, order picking, and legally compliant inventory procedures. The SWAN system provides full support for typical container subdivisions, access to all relevant material information, and suitable logistics strategies. In addition to our “Ready-to-Use” dashboards for SAP EWM processes for storage, picking, retrieval, and inventory, we also develop individual interfaces and evaluations to meet specific customer requirements.

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