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    Companies in the chemical industry are confronted with strict EU regulations and high safety requirements. Storage and delivery must be seamlessly networked and verifiable at all times. The complete documentation of material movements, compliance with high quality requirements or specific strategies in the warehouse, such as bans on co-storage, must not affect speed and efficiency.

    We combine SAP modules, methods and warehouse technology to create industry-specific solutions – tailored precisely to your requirements. This means you are always on the safe side and remain competitive in the long term.

  • Hazardous material handling

    Safety is the top priority when handling chemical raw materials. Thanks to the cross-module solutions at SAP, often managed by SAP EH&S (Environment, Health and Safety) and S/4HANA Product Compliance, all important hazardous substance data is also available in SAP logistics. This enables close integration into the logistics business processes and SWAN controls the following functionalities in the warehouse:

    • Display of hazardous goods data and hazardous substance indicators on PC dialogues and mobile applications
    • Material routing to hazardous goods warehouses, taking into account co-storage bans
    • Automatic printing of labels with hazardous goods labelling
    • Printing of country-specific labels with safety labelling in the picking or shipping process
    • Dispatch of safety data sheets (SDSs)
    • Processing of legally compliant hazardous goods shipments via SAP TM
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  • SWAN Products
  • Our solutions

    • QA/sampling of external suppliers and feedback from production
    • Integration of production on the basis of process orders
    • Sequenced and demand-orientated production supply
    • Quality management and non-conformance management
    • Serial numbers and batch tracking in all logistics processes
    • Detailed weighing of materials in the picking process
    • Handling of hazardous substances and storage bans
    • Container management (final shipping inspection, repair, cleaning, replenishment)
    • Integration into global track & trace systems
Succcess Stories
  • Employees in a laboratory

    BASF material warehouse

    Technical materials, personal protective equipment and critical spare parts are delivered from the warehouse near Ludwigshafen to the place of use in record time (<2 hours). Quality controls at the highest level in incoming goods, high diversity in the product range and high-performance picking with autostore and narrow-aisle forklift storage are controlled from SWAN's SAP EWM, as is last-mile delivery on the BASF site.

  • Autonomous forklift trucks in a warehouse

    BASF Agricultural Solutions

    SWAN implemented an SAP EWM solution to connect the production supply at BASF SE’s Ludwigshafen site. In the Agricultural Solutions division, the company relies on an SAP-controlled material flow in 24/7 operation along the entire intralogistics process chain. This is ensured by driverless transport systems and automatic pallet conveyor lines: from the storage of raw materials by driverless transport systems to automatic provision at the filling machines and the transport of finished products to the dispatch warehouse.

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