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  • Increased Performance in Modernized Warehouse

    Modernizing existing systems and facilities has various reasons. In addition to technical modernization and increasing automation of facilities to be more efficient or powerful, there are also organizational reasons. For example, when a new warehouse structure is needed to improve material flow or when a change in the purpose of the warehouse, such as from production to distribution, is considered.

    Software retrofits to replace obsolete software are also necessary to meet the growing demands of warehouses and users.

  • We support you in the implementation of new software solutions!

  • Replacement of Obsolete Software

    A common and inevitable reason for modernization is the replacement of obsolete software. These legacy systems are often no longer supported or developed by the manufacturer, lack updates, or technicians with the know-how to maintain them. Therefore, businesses need new solutions to meet current requirements.

    We support you in the implementation of new software solutions, whether you already have an SAP system in operation or want to replace a third-party system.

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  • Implementation
  • LE-TRA Replacement

    By the end of 2027, SAP has announced the discontinuation of the SAP LE-TRA (Logistics Execution and Transportation) module, and from January 2031, usage rights will also be discontinued. Therefore, the switch to the successor module SAP TM is unavoidable. Since this is an entirely new module, it must be treated as a greenfield project, including the migration of all relevant existing data.

    SWAN experts support you in the implementation of the SAP TM module for both basic and advanced variants.

  • Transformation to S/4HANA

    Migrating your existing SAP EWM system to SAP S/4HANA is a complex process that requires great care in planning, preparation, and execution. Thanks to our long-standing SAP expertise as an implementation and service partner, we accompany you comprehensively in every phase of your project.

    Our service includes:

    • Migration planning
    • Proof of Concept
    • Migration to a test landscape
    • Verification of migration on the test landscape
    • Migration
    • Go-live with subsequent hypercare phase
    • After Go-live support (up to 24/7 support)
  • Upgrade
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  • Integration of Legacy Equipment

    Modernizing your warehouse does not mean replacing your legacy equipment. On the contrary, it is more about updating or expanding your existing equipment or systems with new technologies, processes, or functions. The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating the existing equipment into the new system without disrupting ongoing operations. We ensure that the legacy equipment can communicate properly with the new components.

    We connect the equipment not only using standard SAP interfaces but also through the specially developed SWAN eSL (SWAN Embedded System Link) for this purpose. This link directly connects machine control and non-SAP systems with the SAP world without detours. This way, we can connect systems to SAP that normally could not be connected or could only be connected with specially developed solutions due to their nature.

  • Process Integration and Training in Retrofit Projects

    In addition to changes in software and hardware, retrofits also involve changes in the daily routine of employees. Not so much because they have to learn a new program for the same tasks, but rather because with a retrofit, process optimization also comes into play. By simplifying and automating processes, new processes are created, which require intensive and early involvement in change processes and comprehensive training of all users. The better this is achieved, the easier it is for the team to adapt to the new environment.

    Therefore, we involve your project teams and key users during the change process. Through workshops and training during the project phase, we enable a smooth transition to your new warehouse processes.

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Success Stories
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    From the production location in Wiener Neustadt, a logistics hub was created that serves as a distribution center for Europe. SWAN, together with an agile project team, implemented many value-added services processes at 48 VAS stations as well as the complete MFS integration of the automatic warehouse with container and pallet conveyor technology (about 2.5 kilometers long), high-bay warehouse, AS/RS, Retrapick, and 4-deep sorting towers. SWAN developed mobile SAP apps for Android and consistently implemented all user dialogs with SAPUI5 technology.

    The Triumph project won the Austrian Logistics Prize in 2019.