SWAN HU-Inventory

  • High-bay warehouse
  • New Transparency in Automatic Warehousing

    Achieve complete transparency over inventory progress in the multi-depth automatic warehouse to enhance efficiency in your inventory processes – fully automated and at the Handling Unit (HU) level. The SWAN HU Inventory, as a smart add-on, provides an alternative way to inventory in your SAP EWM at the HU level. The system allows counting multiple HUs such as containers or pallets at a single physical storage bin, generating a separate inventory document for each initially stored HU. This precise mapping down to nested HUs optimizes your inventory process. Additional features in the Warehouse Management Monitor provide a transparent view of your inventory progress in real-time.

  • Complete transparency of inventory progress in the multi-deep automated warehouse

  • Automated and Compliant Inventory Processes

    Detailed inventory at the HU level helps you comply with legal requirements for tracking your inventory progress. With the monitoring functionalities of SWAN HU Inventory, you know exactly whether an inventory has been conducted for each individual HU in the current counting period.

    In addition to currently counted and open inventories, you can also track which HUs have not been moved since their initial storage. In consultation with your auditor, a re-count of these HUs can be postponed in subsequent counting periods, saving time and resources during the inventory phase.

  • High-bay warehouse
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  • Effective Monitoring of Your Inventory Progress

    Evaluate your inventory progress with clear monitoring functions in the SWAN HU Inventory dashboard.

  • Storage Inventory

    In automatic warehouses, your employees do not have direct access to your inventory. The SWAN HU Inventory allows you to count all HUs, including nested ones, in the multi-depth automatic warehouse in detail. An inventory document is generated, counted, and posted during the initial storage process, providing a separate document for each individual HU. This HU is then considered counted for this inventory period.

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  • Ad Hoc Inventory

    Manual inventory processes in automatic warehouses are not always avoidable. With SWAN HU Inventory, you can also map these ad hoc inventories at the HU level. Specifically target a single HU for which you want to conduct an inventory at an assigned counting bin by an employee. After counting, the HU is re-stored and listed as completed for the current inventory period.