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    Our future talents are already being challenged and nurtured by SWAN today. We offer you a comprehensive and practical education in the SAP logistics field. Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, a degree, a bachelor’s thesis, or an internship, you’ll receive a solid foundation in the SWAN Academy and then have the opportunity to apply and deepen your acquired knowledge in various departments.

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    Experience genuine team spirit, get excited about new technologies, and bring your personality to the table by contributing to exciting projects within a fantastic team. We believe that young people drive a company forward and positively influence it with new ideas.

    At SWAN, we embrace self-responsible and independent work. Every opinion matters equally here – you’re encouraged to contribute from the get-go. We value flat hierarchies because we know that’s where growth and development begin.

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Your Opportunities

    Apprenticeship as a Specialist in Application Development

    Begin your professional career with a 3-year apprenticeship at SWAN! Exciting tasks await you in programming within the SAP environment, database modeling and testing, as well as practical content in the field of SAP logistics and its application in international customer projects. Your sustainable education is your and our future.

    Dual Studies in Business Informatics

    Start your academic/professional career with a 3-year dual study program in Business Informatics at SWAN! Apply your theoretical university knowledge in software development and architecture (mainly SAP ABAP OO) into practice. Connect your business fundamentals with the SAP logistics world and experience its project-specific implementation in international customer projects. Your sustainable education is your and our future.

    Internships and Jobs for Students

    If you’re looking to explore career options, seeking a student job, or an internship as part of your studies, you’re in the right place! We offer interesting opportunities in the SAP logistics field. Get involved in exciting international customer projects, dive into the SAP programming world, or strengthen one of our project or development teams. You’ll gain insights into the SAP logistics world and learn to apply it in practice.

    Theses for your Bachelor’s and Master’s

    We are your partner for a practice-oriented bachelor’s and master’s thesis in the SAP logistics field. Whether you already have a specific topic in mind or just a rough direction, we’ll work with you to develop a vision and provide tailored impulses for your successful completion. The application area is diverse and can range from digitalization projects to project management, process analysis, or the development of new technical innovations.

Your Benefits
  • Project
  • Own practical projects
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes
  • Flat hierarchies and co-creation at eye level
  • Conversation
  • Make decisions together
  • Home office Remote workplace
  • Flexible working hours
  • Further education and events
  • Structured training in the SAP environment & warehouse visits
  • Public transportation
  • Free parking and coverage of public transportation tickets
  • Further education and events
  • Various team events
  • Smartphone
  • Latest smartphones for personal use
Success Stories
  • Damien

    Former Dual Student in Business Informatics

    “As a dual student, I was able to peek into various areas within SWAN and consequently choose the right career path based on my strengths. SWAN offers a healthy work environment with self-responsibility and the freedom to shape situations.”

  • Julia

    Former Working Student

    “SWAN makes me feel like an integral part of the team: my work is genuinely appreciated, challenging, and encourages me to grow daily. During my studies, I could directly apply theoretical knowledge into practice, take on various tasks, and grow beyond myself through new challenges.”

  • Simon

    Apprentice in Application Development

    “As an apprentice, I highly value the trust placed in me. We’re assigned our own small projects that go through the same process as normal projects. This prepares us optimally for daily operations and familiarizes us with the workflow. Additionally, we rotate through all internal teams during the apprenticeship. This experience makes it easier for us to decide which area we want to work in later on.”

  • Miriam

    Apprentice in Application Development

    “In my apprenticeship, I received a solid foundation in the SAP environment from the start through various trainings. This knowledge could be applied and expanded later in internal or customer projects. The SWAN Academy concept not only provided a clear foundation for technical education but also fostered soft skills and provided further opportunities for personal development.”

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Get to Know Us!

Your Apprenticeship Place

Where can I apply?
You can apply directly through our online Job Portal! Simply click on the “Apply for this Position” button at the end of the desired job posting and you’re good to go.

What documents do I need?
In addition to your name, email, and phone number, we also need a cover letter, your resume, and your most recent transcripts/degrees, preferably as PDFs. You can upload these documents when applying through the Job Portal.
What’s the application process like?
After submitting your application online, we’ll invite you to a phone interview. Following that, a personal second interview or an internship may follow before we send you a contract via DocuSign.
Can I start an apprenticeship/dual study program at any location?
You can start the apprenticeship as a Specialist in Application Development at our locations in Nuremberg, Giebelstadt, and Dortmund.

Commercial apprenticeships for Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management are offered in Nuremberg.

You can start a dual study program at two different locations: in Giebelstadt in cooperation with DHBW Mosbach (Business Informatics), and in Walldorf with DHBW Mannheim (Business Informatics with an international focus).

Internships, working student positions, and Bachelor’s/Master’s theses can be pursued at all locations.

Can I do a student internship with you?
Yes! Student internships are possible in Nuremberg, Giebelstadt, and Dortmund.
What are the training contents of the apprenticeship as an Application Development Specialist or the dual study program in Business Informatics?
Our training is very hands-on and covers the focal points of the apprenticeship/study program curriculum.

  • In the first year, the focus is on the technical aspects of IT. From basics to programming in the SAP environment with ABAP, database usage, object-oriented programming, and modeling, you’ll get to know and apply many more areas of our IT world.
  • In the second year, the focus is on project planning and SAP application. You’ll be part of a project team where you’ll learn about our daily operations and the challenges of project realization. You’ll participate in customer workshops, implement small project tasks, and apply them directly to customers.
  • In the third year, you’ll experience our service business, and then it’s on to the specialization phase, where you’ll see yourself or where we see your strengths.

All thematic areas are introduced initially through our wide range of basic training, and then you can put them into practice in different departments.