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    Precise order picking, different quantities for large discounters or small shops, perishable goods, fast distribution, optimum utilisation of delivery vehicles, sorting pallets of goods according to the shop layout – we know the specific requirements of the F&B industry inside out. We also know exactly which key points we can support you with so that you can operate effectively and remain competitive – or even take a big leap forward. The basis for this is always smooth, optimised and individualised processes, and that is our profession.

  • Frozen picking with pick-by-voice

    Picking frozen products places high demands on people and technology. At SWAN, we have extensive experience with the direct connection and integration of pick-by-voice systems from various providers. From order start with pick trolley configuration to multi-order picking and the provision of goods, we support every logistics process directly in SAP EWM. For example, we also manage defrosting times when supplying production areas and ensure compliance with the cold chain in the outgoing goods process by logging the time of goods flows in deep-freeze zones and in refrigerated and non-refrigerated areas with integrated alarm management.

  • Deep-freeze warehouse
  • Forklift truck with IBC container
  • Container Management

    Many raw materials in the food and beverage industry are stored and transported in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). If the container storage cycle is viewed holistically, not only the flow of goods but also the location and status management of the IBC containers plays an essential role in production planning. For reuse, it must be known which IBC has been emptied or cleaned and which product family was previously stored in the container. For cross-supplier scheduling and empties management, this information should also be available across company and system boundaries. At SWAN, we have implemented corresponding solutions on different technological platforms and can bring various best-practice approaches to your project.

  • Our solutions

    • Different temperature zones for frozen and fresh products
    • Sequenced loading on the basis of transport routes
    • Picking of promotional goods with set formation
    • Batches in retail and serial numbers in production
    • High demand for transport planning and detailed freight cost accounting
    • Tight production integration with recipe-controlled product usage planning, defrosting times and batching of goods
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