Project management

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  • Your Logistics Project in the Best Hands

    With our flexible SWAN project management approach, we set the stage for the rapid success of your complex logistics project. Even before the project begins, our Project Management Office (PMO) works with you to develop a concept tailored to your needs for a smooth project workflow. The SWAN PMO also coordinates internally and across projects complex projects and existing resources, incorporates best practices into the project management process, and provides close support to project management for all clients, even before the project starts and beyond the go-live.

  • The SWAN Project Management Office coordinates existing resources for optimal implementation of your project!

  • Hybrid Project Management Approach for Flexible Project Design

    SWAN project management methods are part of an agile canon based on best practices and can be individually adapted to customer requirements. Typically, SWAN’s project methodology is based on a combination of classical waterfall methodology and agile project management, which are applied along SWAN’s developed and flexibly adaptable project methodology.

    The project approach typically divides into four phases: Discover/Design-Implement-Commissioning-Hypercare. These are carried out sequentially (waterfall method), while the Implement phase is completely agile, conducted in sprints and stories (agile project management).

    Through this hybrid approach, SWAN combines the advantages of different methodologies, can react flexibly and agilely to individual customer requirements, and still provides planning security and transparency.

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  • Stock Room Management
  • Resource Management

    The SWAN PMO coordinates existing resources for optimal implementation of your project. This is particularly crucial when employees are involved in more than one project or role. SWAN’s unified and organization-wide resource management prioritizes tasks within different projects, taking into account employee workload and skills.

  • Process and Method Responsibility

    The PMO develops project standards based on best practices that are included in SWAN’s method catalog. We rely on retrospectives, intensive lessons learned workshops, and project coaching to identify recurring, uniform requirements across all projects. At the same time, we place great emphasis on making the method toolbox flexible to meet the individual project requirements of the customer.

  • Retrofit
  • Training
  • Promotion of Uniform Project Management Skills

    SWAN relies on different project management methods for project implementation, which are based on the individual requirements of the customer. Therefore, SWAN’s PMO specifically and regularly trains project leaders in training sessions and individual project coaching to ensure consistent quality in project management.

  • Multiproject Controlling & Portfolio Management

    As the overarching authority, the PMO is responsible for multiproject controlling, the so-called portfolio management. For us, not only classic project management metrics like time, resources, and budget matter. We also measure progress and project satisfaction to evaluate the success of our projects. This enables us to continuously optimize SWAN’s project management.

  • Upgrade
  • Migration
  • Communication with Stakeholders

    With the PMO, we have established a communication interface between projects, service, management, and other involved teams, such as sales or business administration. This close linkage allows us to develop a project management concept during the acquisition phase based on the customer’s individual requirements and our best practices.