Training courses

  • Employees in the warehouse
  • Customer-Specific Key User and User Training

    Users feel more confident operating a new software solution and can use it more efficiently if they have been thoroughly trained on it. Therefore, we recommend offering training for your key users, users, and administrators on the optimal handling of the software already during the project implementation. Thanks to our modular approach, we tailor our training offerings to your individual requirements. Additionally, we actively support you in transferring and building knowledge so that you can evaluate and plan operational and strategic issues. We continuously complement our training program to provide you with best practice solutions for high project performance at all times.

    SWAN continuing education and training can take place as in-house training, individual coaching, or online workshops.

  • SWAN GmbH offers individual training solutions for your requirements!

  • SWAN EWM Trainings

    Learn what you need for successful implementation of the Extended Warehouse Management System in our SAP EWM trainings. Through practical examples and exercises, we show you how to effectively use SAP EWM to improve warehouse performance and reduce costs. Our experienced trainers guide you through the key functions and demonstrate proven methods for configuring and customizing SAP EWM.

    Our EWM trainings are designed in 3 consecutive phases:

    • Phase 1: Introduction to EWM
    • Phase 2: Configuration EWM (WMS)
    • Phase 3: Configuration EWM (MFS)
  • High-bay warehouse
  • Stock Room Management
  • Introduction to EWM

    For Key Users, Architects, and Users

    In the basic training, we provide an overview of the main objects and basic processes in SAP EWM. To optimize the use of your SAP systems, we show you which tasks and processes you can perform in your SAP EWM – and for which you should use your SAP ERP instead. We focus on the routines of inbound and outbound processes, including monitoring.

    Training Duration: 3 days

  • Configuration EWM (WMS)

    For Consultants and Architects in the WMS Environment

    Customize your SAP EWM to meet your needs through customizing. Using realistic exercise tasks, we show you how to configure your SAP EWM precisely without having to interfere with the source code. You will learn how to configure the inbound and outbound process according to individual needs, which advanced, cross-process configuration options you can use in SAP EWM, and how to customize your warehouse management monitor.

    Training Duration: 5 days

  • SAP Logistics
  • Material Flow Control
  • Configuration EWM (MFS)

    For Consultants and Architects in the MFS Environment

    Understand and control the logic behind your material flows in the deep warehouse with SAP EWM MFS. Through a training warehouse, we provide insights into communication, telegram traffic, the setup of conveyor technology, and the control of stacker cranes. We show you how to use customizing to make your material flows more efficient. Through source code analyses, you will learn about the most important standard classes and functions and receive valuable tips for error analysis within the MFS processes.

    Training Duration: 5 days

  • Technical Trainings

    Dive into the world of software development in the SAP environment with our technical training for ABAP developers. These practice-oriented trainings provide you with the necessary know-how to develop effective and high-performance applications within the SAP ecosystem.

  • Employee working on computer
  • BAdI Framework
  • Programming with ABAP

    For SAP Developers and Consultants

    Learn the basics of the Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) language. Through realistic practice examples, illustrative coding examples, and subsequent practical exercises, you will learn the most important terms and functions. We focus on key topics such as debugging, data types and development objects, control structures, the ABAP Dictionary, and SQL queries. Advanced topics such as transaction handling, remote function calls, lock handling issues, and object orientation are also covered.

    Training Duration: 10 days

  • Object-Oriented Programming

    For SAP Developers and Consultants

    Prerequisite for this course is the ABAP basic training. No prior knowledge of object orientation is required as it will be taught in this course. You will learn the fundamental differences between classical top-down programming and object orientation, the role classes play, and the various ways you can work with them.

    Training Duration: 5 days

  • BAdI Framework
  • Employees collaborating on a project
  • Customer Workshops

    In customized workshops tailored to your requirements and systems, your employees learn how to use your system in daily use. Our workshops are aimed at both key users and users as well as developers and architects. We are happy to design an individual training concept for you as part of this. Please contact us directly for this.

  • Project-Specific Workshops

    For Key Users, Users, Administrators, and Developers

    During the implementation phase, we already train your employees in project-specific workshops on the new functionalities of the implemented software. This ensures high acceptance among your employees for an optimal system changeover.

    Workshop Duration: Scope according to individual requirements, typically 5 days

  • Implementation
  • Retrofit
  • Troubleshooting Workshop

    For Key Users

    We guide your administrators through your implemented system and discuss approaches together for identifying, analyzing, and solving typical incidents. This enables your administrators to independently develop and implement solutions for minor recurring incidents.

    Workshop Duration: Scope according to individual requirements, typically 5 days