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    Whether you are a global producer with high output, a specialist in a niche segment or somewhere in between – all companies need efficient processes without friction points or bottlenecks. That’s exactly what we provide. Because dynamism creates the necessary extra productivity, future security and competitive advantages.

    Smart processes in the planning, storage and transport of your products at all stages of production or setting the course for the rapid flow of materials are just a few of the many key points we address in order to open the door to new growth for your company.

  • Digitalisation

    At SWAN, we bring together digitalisation professionals and SAP specialists. Thanks to our wide-ranging knowledge of control technology and plant engineering, we can identify relevant measuring points in your production and transport processes. We can also consolidate data from any IT system and any database via our SWAN eSL (embedded System Link), enrich it with context-related SAP information and thus optimise the data procurement of your business intelligence solution right from the start.

    The close integration with plant data also offers the possibility of finer control of logistical processes in the environment. Production supply becomes more intelligent if the system status or the planned remaining time of the current order can be included in the material flow and transport control and priorities can be adjusted according to the system data without manual intervention.

  • Digitalisation in the industry
  • Industrial plant
  • Asset Tracking

    Thanks to our many years of experience in connecting different localisation systems to SAP, we are specialists in the localisation of assets (containers, pallets, goods) and resources (indoor/outdoor forklifts, industrial trucks, AGVs). We have created a real-time location system (RTLS) developed entirely in SAP EWM and ABAP, with which every pallet movement in the warehouse can be recognised. In addition to optimised, location-based order allocation within the forklift fleet, this also eliminates any time-consuming scanning and identification processes.

    The 3D visualisation of all inventory, movement and location data in our SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit creates an intuitive and informative digital twin of your logistics. SAP postings such as production consumption or storage location transfers can be automated via the integrated geo-fencing.

  • Shopomat | Paternoster warehouse

    For the SAP connection of SSI storage lifts and paternoster systems from other manufacturers, we like to use the SPS EasyConnect solution from our partner status C AG. Thanks to the modules for system control programmed directly in SAP and standardised by Status C, intuitive touch screen interfaces with tray visualisation and many different existing storage strategies, we can implement a wide range of functions cost-effectively.

    Comprehensive order and shaft control and integration into overarching logistics processes are handled by SWAN.

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    • OSAP-side management of a wide variety of storage types (block storage, manual high-bay warehouses, automated miniload & shuttle systems, automated warehouses)
    • Comprehensive transport management with forwarding and sea freight and known cosigner processes in air freight shipping
    • Processes for hanging garments / flat goods in fashion logistics
    • Handling of bulky warehouse goods, coils or bar and metre goods

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