Thesis(s) at SWAN: This is how the future works!

Many students ask themselves what will happen after they graduate and what their start in working life should look like. Gaining practical professional experience during your studies is therefore worth its weight in gold. SWAN GmbH offers students the opportunity to write their bachelor’s or master’s thesis in the company and thus gain direct insight into everyday working life. In this way, they can practically design their thesis, gain valuable hands-on experience in the process – and get the chance to remain part of the SWAN team in the long term after their studies.

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Software developer Verena (26) wrote her bachelor’s and master’s thesis at SWAN.

Software developer Verena Marquard can report how well this concept works. In 2018, the computer science student started at the Technical University of Ingolstadt

at SWAN GmbH as a bachelor’s student and wrote her bachelor’s thesis at the Stadtbergen location. Immediately afterwards, Verena switched to SAPUI5 web development at SWAN in Nuremberg as a working student and then, from April 2020, she developed an IT-based knowledge management concept for medium-sized companies in the UI team in Augsburg as part of her master’s thesis. “I was looking for a task that would be suitable for a master’s thesis but also relevant for SWAN,” says the 26-year-old. This is how she came up with the topic of IT-based knowledge management. At SWAN, mobile working is the order of the day, the teams are spread across different locations, but face-to-face appointments with customers are also frequent. The company therefore needs IT-based knowledge management to improve the exchange of information and knowledge between employees and locations. A good reason for Verena and SWAN to tackle this topic.

Until October 2020, Verena was able to devote all her working hours as a master’s student to the preparation and writing of her master’s thesis. And because her commitment to the company was so well received, she has been employed as a software developer SAPUI5/Fiori at SWAN since December. However, Verena had not expected that the subject area of her master’s thesis would be so broad before writing it. “SWAN is a very flexible company and fortunately made it possible for me to continue working on knowledge management at the beginning of my permanent position,” she says happily. In this way, Verena was not only able to complete her master’s thesis, but also to implement the concept she had developed at SWAN in a beneficial manner. Now she is passing on her findings – prepared specifically for the team – to her colleagues so that they can also be implemented in the company in the long term.

At the beginning of this year, Verena was informed about her master’s thesis grade: A smooth 1.0! Wow. The result is impressive and proves that both the commitment and the time invested have paid off. And why did she write her two theses at SWAN of all places? “In no company before have I felt the team spirit as much as at SWAN. Here I can develop further, contribute something, I am encouraged and challenged.” A clear win-win situation for everyone involved.

Are you studying business informatics, computer science or logistics and want to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at SWAN like Verena? Then take a look here – more information about training at SWAN in our career portal.

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