SWAN Heatmap: Optimize intralogistics processes

Project House for SAP Logistics presents new software solution for efficient use of logistics equipment

Augsburg, December 13, 2019. SWAN GmbH expands its product portfolio with the SWAN Heatmap. The new software solution generates and analyzes data for better insight into the entire logistics facility. For this purpose, it optionally uses the connection of RTLS systems of leading technology partners or integrates localization data in SAP EWM. The entire plant view is visualized as a digital twin on the computer and can be freely zoomed in 2D/3D. The software solution, which is available immediately, is available to the control station or other employees as a web interface. It can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment. By using the heat map, companies can optimize space utilization and process automation in warehouses. As a result, you benefit from cost savings and competitive advantages.

SWAN provides the heatmap in two variants: For the pure SAP solution, the heatmap enriches data from SAP EWM with localization data and maintains it continuously. For the variant with Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), SWAN works together with partners. “Currently, we rely on RTLS systems from our partners BeSpoon and Kinexon. However, we can also integrate real-time technologies from other providers,” says Alexander Bernhard, Managing Director of SWAN.

The total solution, individually tailored to each customer’s requirements, consists of the software heatmap, Ultra Wideband (UWB) tracking, anchors and tags of different sizes and sampling rates for people, vehicles and assets. “In the first implementation step, project planning takes place on site. We inspect the system, install the software and enrich data. For real-time location, we additionally implement anchors via PoE, tags and charging stations in the warehouse,” explains Thorsten Lamm, Product Manager at SWAN.

Understand plants better

Based on UWB technology, the Heatmap generates detailed analyses of the optimal use of existing areas and paths via indoor tracking of people, machines and goods. The software processes the data from IoT sensors and higher-level IT systems, such as SAP, in real time. Process delays due to overloading of storage areas or production zones can be quickly and easily identified visually over time via a replay function of historical data. Additional analysis options for critical paths form the basis for direct flow optimizations and entry into deeper data analyses.

“Comprehensive analytics provide numbers to better understand the facility and its utilization. This helps to better place assets in the warehouse and avoid inefficiently used space. In addition, the heat map helps keep drivers busy and saves them from detours,” says Alexander Bernhard. “Thanks to the use of SWAN Heatmap, companies are seeing cost savings and competitive advantages in a highly competitive market segment.”

User-friendly and versatile

The SWAN Heatmap is able to process extremely large amounts of data within a very short time. The Analytics Engine in the background works efficiently even with large amounts of data and scales up to information processing in large factories and warehouse complexes. The data visualization is extremely smooth and detailed. The attractive and well-structured design of the heatmap enables intuitive, user-friendly application. The applications of the heat map are very versatile, for example in asset tracking, route and area optimization, safety and geofencing for time and temperature control of refrigerated goods that have to leave the cold store for processing.

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