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Source of certification logo: Great Place to Work®, image source: SWAN GmbH

SWAN GmbH participated with great success in the Great Place to Work® “Best Employer Competition” of the international research and consulting institute of the same name. SWAN has received two awards for its excellent workplace culture. The project house for SAP logistics is one of the top leagues of the best employers in Bavaria and the best ICT employers in Germany. The institute will announce the exact placement at the beginning of May.

Team spirit, fairness and respect have been among the central values of the logistics expert SWAN since it was founded ten years ago. The results of the most recent survey by the Great Place to Work® Institute, founded in 1991, now confirm the excellent degree to which the project house for SAP logistics lives and implements these values. The institute recognizes SWAN as one of the best employers in Bavaria and one of the best employers in the ICT industry. SWAN’s Trust Index of 88 percent also stands out significantly from the mean value of 61 percent, which the majority of all participating companies achieved from 2016 to 2020.

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Source: Great Place to Work® – graphic overall house report by SWAN GmbH

Three quarters of the Great Place to Work® awards result from anonymous and representative employee surveys on the topics of trust in managers, team spirit, fairness, appreciation, respect and identification with the company. The last quarter is a written cultural audit by company management covering measures and programs to create an attractive workplace culture. The differentiated results and employee impulses help to further develop the corporate culture and stand for effective and credible employer branding.

Above-average 85 percent of the employees voluntarily submitted to the institute’s independent examination and paint an excellent picture of the SAP project house. A whopping 98 percent of SWAN employees who took part shared the statement “All in all I can say this is a very good place to work”. In addition, 96 percent of SWAN employees would like to work here for a long time and 90 percent would recommend SWAN as an employer.

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Source: Great Place to Work® – graphic overall house report by SWAN GmbH

Alexander Bernhard, Managing Director of SWAN GmbH, sees the good results as confirmation of the employee-oriented and flexible company orientation, which is associated with a lot of freedom for employees. “We are proud to be one of the best employers in Bavaria and nationwide in the ICT sector. We achieved this sensational performance primarily thanks to our entire team, which identifies strongly with SWAN and is extremely committed to the company and our customers every day. That’s why we see the awards as recognition and incentive in equal measure and look forward to everyone who has now become curious about SWAN as an employer,” says Bernhard.

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