SWAN 3D-Logistics-Cockpit: Usability in a new dimension

New software from SWAN creates “3D Digital Twin” for intuitive control and optimization of warehouse processes via SAPUI5

Augsburg, May 5, 2020 – SWAN GmbH, project house for SAP logistics, now offers the new logistics add-on SWAN 3D-Logistics-Cockpit for SAP EWM. The highly integrated visual application supports the warehouse control center in operating complex warehouse processes much more easily and with fewer errors – for example, creating warehouse tasks using drag-and-drop. For this purpose, the SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit uses the company’s existing SAP data to generate a virtual and three-dimensional warehouse image (Digital Twin), in which the employee intuitively controls his logistics activities via the SAPUI5-based 3D Logistics Cockpit. The application can be fully integrated into new SAP EWM installations as well as into already running systems without additional hardware or costly modernization.

Customers and interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the new SWAN product better in an Online Live Demo.Hereyou can register.

The virtual 3D mapping of the warehouse by the SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit facilitates the daily work in the control center enormously. “Our new logistics add-on visualizes the current system and plant status, and the control station can start logistical activities such as blocks, releases or storage tasks directly from the 3D view, as well as search for and manage products or handling units for specific deliveries,” explains André Nowinski, Managing Director of SWAN GmbH. By integrating and linking with the data already available in SAP EWM, such as storage bins, inventories and HU (handling unit) information, the digital mapping of the logistics facility fills with life after the initial layout creation. Using the SAPIU5 3D warehouse control station, employees can quickly gain an overview of logistics processes and control them intuitively without a long training period.

3D Logistics Cokpit SWAN GmbH

Classic versus New

“Long lists and confusing structures are a thing of the past with our new logistics solution,” says André Nowinski. The displays in the 3D Logistics Cockpit have significant advantages over the classic view. In the case of open storage tasks, for example, selected pallets are visually highlighted directly via graphical beam in the visual implementation. “With the 3D view, it literally jumps out at you where the individual pallet is in the warehouse and what its current condition is,” continues André Nowinski. Pallets can be moved to a free storage location via drag-and-drop, while the required storage tasks are automatically created in the background.

Seamless integration

The SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit integrates seamlessly with existing SAP interfaces. Additional hardware or costly modernization measures are not required. By following the SAP Fiori Usability Guidelines, the 3D Logistics Cockpit is intuitive to use. If required, the applications can be extended very precisely to new processes. Furthermore, the UI5 framework is responsive and therefore suitable for both mobile and desktop applications. The apps automatically adapt to the available screen size and change the arrangement and functionality of controls, for example touch inputs.

3d Logistics Cokpit 02 news SWAN GmbH

Connectivity RTLS and 3D warehouse control station

Our SWAN AddOns integrate various real-time location systems (RTLS) for forklift movements based on laser technology, optical navigation or radio triangulation directly into SAP in near real-time. In doing so, we always recognize exactly at which position in the warehouse a pallet was placed or picked up. In this way, all the usual scanning and identification processes are eliminated. The 3D Logistics Cockpit displays all forklift movements. Dedicated stackers can be assigned appropriate transport storage tasks there.

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