Start of “omlox” initiative: SWAN draws positive conclusions

Digital Go Live Event of the positioning standard “omlox” with SWAN, Trumpf and other industry partners

Augsburg, 14.07.2020 – As part of a four-day Online Go Live event from 29.06.-02.07. the industry standard “omlox” has been launched. The positioning standard developed by SWAN, Trumpf, GFT, T-Systems, Sick, Pepperl + Fuchs, BeSpoon and over 50 other partners integrates various localization technologies such as UWB, BLE, RFID, 5G or GPS and provides the positioning data via a uniform interface. In online seminars and deep dive sessions, the partners presented their forward-looking “omlox” technologies. SWAN brings its Heatmap software solution to the initiative.

“The event was very constructive. The exciting live part in Teningen in the testbed should be emphasized, because global players like Telekom or Amazon as well as young companies like Naise or us participated,” says Thorsten Lamm, Product Sales Manager at SWAN GmbH. “We got a lot of insights into other companies. In addition, the brainstorming on improving the usability of our heatmap solution was very valuable for us. The fact that customers perceive our path so clearly also gives us tailwind. The companies present tick similarly and are all working towards a common goal. For us, the event was a complete success,” Lamm continues.

The high number of participants in the online seminars, the numerous queries during the Deep Dive sessions and the extremely low dropout rate are a clear indicator that topics related to tracking and optimization have their finger on the pulse. Considering how to get more information from industrial facilities to decision makers is a key concern for the industry.

SWAN’s participation

SWAN participates in the “omlox” initiative with its new solution Heatmap. Based on UWB, the software presents analyses on the ideal use of existing areas and paths through indoor tracking of people, machines or goods with unique precision and in detail with the robustness required by the industry. “omlox” enables the use of a wide variety of technologies with easy integration into the data analysis tool.

The SWAN heatmap is accessible via a web interface and can be easily integrated with other software products. It keeps an eye on the industrial plant from anywhere and at any time: Whether in the warehouse control center, from the office or directly in the plant on the tablet. Realtime View allows viewing the current status of the installation. The function tracks assets, employees and forklifts in real time. In bird’s eye view, it gives users the opportunity to observe the entire facility. Freely zoomable and scalable, employees can view parts of the plant, react to problems and directly see overloads or underloads of the plant. In the history view, the status of the plant can be traced back in a freely definable time range.

About “omlox”

The initiators of “omlox” want to make it as easy as possible for industrial customers to use hardware and software from different manufacturers. The globally applicable standard simplifies logistics enormously and ensures efficiency gains in digital manufacturing. For the global further development of the “omlox” standard, the initiators are handing over the project to the PROFIBUS user organization, which has been managing various industry standards for 30 years.


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