• Transportation Management
  • Sap Transportation Management

    Planning and knowing the exact location of all goods and raw materials is relevant for every step in the logistics chain. Especially if the components are outside your warehouse on the transport route. It makes no difference whether the goods are transported by your own fleet or by an external third-party provider: SAP TM (Transportation Management) provides you with a powerful solution that maps all phases of transport in your supply chain.

    The direct integration of your transport management into your SAP landscape also allows you to plan and execute goods flows and transport types directly in the system. This strategic channelling of all processes in the SAP environment orchestrates your processes and data flows and leads to a noticeable reduction in costs.

    The modular structure of the SAP transport management system makes it particularly flexible and customisable. We work with you to evaluate your requirements before implementation and set up the optimum solution for your transport performance.

  • We offer you high-performance solutions that cover all phases of transport in your supply chain!

  • High-performance transport processing with Sap TM

    Transport processing with SAP TM supports all phases of transport for your industrial or logistics company. SAP TM allows you to track and control your shipments throughout the entire transport process: lorry transports (general cargo, part and full loads), air freight, sea transport (FCL and LCL) and courier shipments by external service providers can be mapped, as can the planning and control of your own vehicle fleet. This end-to-end control of your logistics processes, even during the dispatch route, also allows make-or-buy decisions to be made in the background.

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  • Smooth integration into your SAP landscape

    Thanks to the complete integration of SAP TM into your SAP landscape, existing orders in SAP ERP can be included for planning purposes. This integration with other SAP modules and neighbouring business areas also enables complex automation in transport processing. Restrictions imposed by the legal requirements of the countries are already preconfigured in SAP TM.

  • Performance-orientated configuration with SWAN

    We would be happy to advise you on planning and work with you to develop the right solution for your transport processes with SAP TM.

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The Functions of Sap TM Advanced

    Freight Management

    SAP TM offers functions for strategic freight procurement and capacity monitoring to help you identify freight needs, manage the freight capacity procurement process, and efficiently create freight agreements. The application enables flexible procurement through freight contract negotiations, supports the selection of profitable strategies through simulations, and provides real-time reports for compliance with agreements and identification of cost-saving opportunities.

    Order Management

    Precise capture and efficient handling of orders are crucial in the logistics field. With SAP TM, you can receive transport-related requirements from various order management systems, whether on an order or delivery basis. You have the ability to confirm, plan, and implement orders, coordinate delivery with the warehouse, and communicate order status with business partners.

    Transport Planning

    To ensure timely and cost-effective freight delivery, careful transport planning is essential. SAP TM provides support in optimizing your transport plans, efficiently utilizing resources, and reducing freight costs. Both national and international shipments can be consolidated through various transport routes. The application also allows demand-driven planning at the central or decentralized level to achieve your delivery goals.

    Transport Execution

    For efficient transport logistics, it is crucial for companies to adapt their plans and react in real-time to events. SAP TM offers an integrated solution to synchronize freight documents, facilitate collaboration with logistics partners, comply with trade regulations, and identify risks early.

    Freight Cost Settlement

    SAP TM offers advanced features for managing transport costs and billing with carriers for various types of transport. It enables precise cost calculations, allocations, and settlements, as well as integration with SAP S/4HANA for comprehensive reporting and analysis.

    Analysis & Reporting

    Effective transport management requires immediate data access in the era of data-driven logistics. Real-time analytics provide insights into performance parameters to focus on improvements. SAP TM offers comprehensive decision tools and reporting features to identify risks early and avoid disruptions.

The Path from LE-TRA to SAP TM Basic
LE-TRA is used in many companies for transport planning and billing. Due to its discontinuation by the end of 2027 or after the “Extended Support” at the end of 2030, a new solution is necessary. This is SAP TM in the “Basic” or even “Advanced” variant. SAP TM Basic offers all the functionalities of the previous LE-TRA. Additional license costs only arise when using SAP TM Advanced.

As the introduction of SAP TM Basic follows a Greenfield project approach, we outline below how this path can look like for your company. As an indication, we show how long an introduction of SAP TM Basic can take per phase in the SAP TM Standard.

    Discover – Fit-Gap Analysis

    We go together with you on a round-trip to your current LE-TRA solution and identify possible gaps (e.g., customer-specific extensions) and align the requirements with the functionalities of SAP TM Basic. As a result, you will receive a rated overview for replacing LE-TRA.

    Design (approx. 4 weeks)

    In the design phase, user stories for your process requirements are defined and detailed documentation. The result is the concept of processes for your individual SAP TM Basic introduction. To implement, user stories are divided into work packages and prioritized over time.

    Implement (approx. 8 weeks)

    In the implementation phase, individual tasks of the work packages are set up in the system through customizing and pre-tested by consultants. This requires the creation of test scripts so that the test cases can be reproducibly performed on the client side. Subsequently, the processes are trained to the key users of the customer and integratively tested across system boundaries for each work package.

    Prepare (approx. 3 weeks)

    In the preparation phase for the go-live, the “User Acceptance Tests” are carried out, i.e., the users test the configured solution and decide on the go-live. After that, the technical preparation of the productive system and the actual go-live take place.

    Care (approx. 1 week)

    After the go-live, our consultants are usually available for hyper-care, i.e., support in the productive use of your SAP TM Basic solution. This includes helping you analyze specific constellations in the system to possible subsequent optimizations to fully utilize your SAP TM Basic.