• Employees in the warehouse
  • Sap material flow control for logistics systems

    Advancing digitalisation increasingly requires the introduction of warehouse automation technologies to optimise warehouse processes. This also applies to the control of material flows in production and distribution warehouses. As a fully integrated material flow system, SAP MFS (Material Flow System) is already part of SAP EWM Advanced and enables the connection and control of automated systems from storage and retrieval machines to automatic palletising robots from within SAP.

    This makes the use of additional material flow computers and other communication middleware superfluous, as SAP MFS communicates directly with subordinate programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • With our expertise, we enable the fully integrated connection and control of automated systems!

  • More efficient warehouse management, automated processes

    The very high level of standardisation and the low number of interfaces required provide you with cost benefits in terms of maintenance, operation and support. In addition, you only need one system for warehouse management, warehouse control and material flow control, from which you can organise and optimise various warehouse processes such as putaway, stock removal, stock transfer and transport between different warehouse areas.

    Thanks to the use of real-time information, the material flow computer can react flexibly to changes in the warehouse and improve the efficiency of logistics processes. It takes into account factors such as storage space availability, order priorities and the efficiency of warehouse movements. Modules to improve energy efficiency (“Green Logistics”) ensure lower power consumption during low-load periods.

  • Roller conveyor
  • Upgrade
  • Multilingual

    Connection of conveyor technology, stacker cranes, robots and shuttle systems via SAP ABAP Push Channel with different protocols (ASCII and binary) to the SAP EWM system.

  • Capacity management

    Checking the capacity of the final destinations/pick-up point even before stock removal. Mapping of loops with maximum capacities to avoid blockages and ensure a smooth material flow.

  • SAP Logistics
  • Stock Room Management
  • Optimised storage

    Optimum storage location search taking into account static specifications such as balance distribution across the entire floor slab, the maximum permissible weight load between two uprights across several levels or consideration of the weight load of the neighbouring aisle.

  • SAP MFS with SWAN

    We are SAP and automation experts. Before SAP integrated a material flow management solution into SAP EWM Advanced, we had already developed a solution in this area for our customers. Today, we use the SAP solution for this purpose. We can look back on many years of experience in the integration of various warehouse types, pallet and container conveyor technology, shuttle systems, automated small parts warehouses (AKL) and the AutoStore system.

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SAP MFS functions
  • Reversible conveyor technology
  • Slaving processes
  • Robot connection (layer & individual picking, (de-)palletising etc.)
  • Automatic tugger train loading
  • Automatic print functions
  • Laser connections
  • Pick robot connection
  • Loop control
  • Automatic weighing
  • Automatic warning entry booking on the conveyor system
  • Winders
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Strapping machine
  • Insertion machine
  • Sequencing on conveyor technology
  • Automatic pallet matrix (channel storage with pallet shuttle and satellites)
  • Automatic small parts warehouse (multi-deep, up to 4-fold load pick-up)
  • Container shuttle
  • Pallet conveyor technology
  • Container/carton conveyor technology
  • Electric floor conveyor/electric overhead conveyor
  • Cross-distribution trolleys
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • PTT (Pick-to-Tote) work stations
  • PbL (pick-by-light) workstations
  • Laser work stations (laser pick support)
  • PbV (pick-by-voice) work stations
  • RF work stations
  • GTP (goods-to-person) work stations
  • AutoStore