SAP Fiori

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  • Intuitive Operation with SAP Fiori

    Improve user experience when operating SAP systems. With intuitive user interfaces based on standardized Fiori guidelines on SAPUI5 basis, we ensure the highest acceptance and user-friendliness on the shop floor. Modern interfaces with visual hierarchies, intuitive navigation, and consistent color palette enable a consistent and intuitive user experience across different devices. Thanks to the SAP Fiori design guidelines, the applications are fully responsive and usable on both stationary and mobile devices.

    The technological basis of Fiori applications is SAPUI5. The open-source JavaScript framework allows the development of cross-platform applications with a clear separation of data, presentation, and control according to the MVC architectural pattern. The use of modern web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS also allows integration with innovative applications and products, such as artificial intelligence or our scanner glove.

  • More Transparency. Better Usability. New Possibilities.

  • Flexible Dialog Design with SAPUI5

    SAPUI5 represents the strategic front-end technology for designing web-based applications based on HTML5. The novel architecture allows flexible design of user interfaces for various types of devices – from mobile devices to conventional desktop applications.

    Previous limitations in implementing dialogs in the SAP environment are a thing of the past. Due to the open-source standard, SAP-independent interfaces from third-party providers can be integrated.

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Advantages of SAPUI5 Applications

    Shortened Project Durations

    Decoupling business logic and user interface enables separate processing and development of UI5 Apps and business processes. Thus, with appropriate conception, several people can work on a common task simultaneously.

    This allows surface prototypes to be made available to the customer in a very early project phase, and optimizations can be derived. Joint testing activities regarding information display and usability can thus be carried out without the business logic having to be fully implemented yet.

    Native App Integration

    Our UI5 applications can also be installed as native apps on mobile devices such as hand scanners. This offers further possibilities, such as access to the device’s sensors. Position data, battery level, network information, and much more can be captured and evaluated.

    The separate installation of native apps no longer requires additional software.

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  • Use Case: Picking

    Especially in the context of complex picking dialogs, SAPUI5 showcases its advantages when it comes to providing comprehensive information to the user quickly. Dynamic and process-oriented screen layouts and visualizations support the on-site employee in processing their assigned task without overloading the display with information.

    The look and feel of the application are analogous to familiar apps on smartphones or tablets. Interaction with the system is not limited to function buttons but can be done intuitively and individually with the displayed objects; for example, a 3D walk-through is possible.