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  • Perform logistics with SAP EWM S/4HANA

    SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is the most powerful warehouse management system on the market. SAP EWM maps all your intralogistics and warehousing processes and allows you to control your workflows at a granular level. The main focus of the module is on general administration, the management of incoming and outgoing goods, the distribution of goods within your warehouse and the fulfilment of customer orders.

    The numerous setting and expansion options as well as the complete integration into your SAP landscape increase the efficiency of your logistics and warehouse management processes across all business processes. The ability to use SAP EWM as a multi-client solution for several ERP systems also makes it particularly flexible and highly customisable. All process stages benefit from this high level of customisability: SAP EWM S/4HANA uses data to uncover your optimisation areas, allowing you to make your warehouse management processes more efficient.

  • The introduction of SAP EWM is an organisational change and an IT project in equal measure!

  • High-performance sap ewm configuration with SWAN

    The wide range of configuration options make SAP EWM the ideal warehouse management system for intralogistics. At the same time, it is precisely this multitude of options that poses a challenge when introducing the system. We are at your side as an experienced implementation partner for your demanding warehouse processes. We know the functionalities and settings in SAP EWM inside out and contribute industry-specific best practice.

    In more than 10 years, we have supported over 50 companies in the evaluation of their requirements and the subsequent successful implementation of SAP EWM. We rely on a methodical approach for the successful implementation and subsequent further support of your logistics landscape for the ongoing optimisation of your warehouse management.

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  • Stock Room Management
  • Individually scalable

    The system is scalable as required and can therefore be customised to the needs of different warehouse types, including highly complex distribution and production warehouses. Within SAP EWM, you can manage your stocks at storage bin level, regardless of whether you run an automated warehouse, high-bay warehouse, block storage or fixed bin warehouse. The individual configuration of these storage bins allows you to increase the utilisation of your storage bins as well as predictive warehouse optimisation based on your system data.

  • Integrated material flow computer

    In contrast to other systems, SAP EWM allows you to control your goods flow highly efficiently right from the putaway stage by dividing your goods receipt into any number of individual steps, keeping space and HU stocks transparent during storage and customising the goods issue process with picking and shipping. This macro perspective allows you to uncover performance potential and continuously optimise your intralogistics in a data-driven manner.

  • Material flow control
  • Analysis & Consultancy
  • In-depth monitoring functions

    The comprehensive monitoring functions in SAP EWM give you a system-up-to-date view of your stocks and stock movements. In the medium and long term, the regularities and anomalies detected allow you to analyse loads with foresight, enabling you to react to possible critical warehouse processes at an early stage to ensure on-time stock movements.

  • Full integration into your SAP landscape

    SAP EWM can be used for older and newer SAP ERP generations. If you are already using SAP S/4HANA, you can incorporate SAP EWM into your SAP system either as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated “embedded” solution. The SAP logistics platform therefore forms the overarching bracket for your S/4HANA migration plans.

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SAP EWM functions

    Incoming goods

  • Notification, shipping notification
  • System-supported unloading
  • Quality inspection and integration
  • Deconsolidation
  • Putaway strategies
  • Kit to Stock

    Outgoing goods

  • Packaging
  • Wave management
  • Bundling
  • Direct deliveries
  • Shipping cockpit
  • Case Calculation
  • Consolidation
  • Production supply and production integration
  • Loading/shipping
  • Kit to Order

    Processes & controls

  • Resource management & planning
  • Process & layout-orientated control
  • Labour management
  • Additional logistics services
  • Radio data transmission, pick by voice and RFID
  • Yard Management
  • Dock Appointment Scheduling
  • Material flow control
  • Slotting / rearrangement
  • Batch & serial number handling
  • Cross Docking
  • Handling Unit (HU)
  • Packing instructions

    Task processing

  • Wave processing/management
  • Employee planning, load preview
  • outsourcing strategies

    Order picking

  • Multi-order picking
  • Partial picking and pre-picking
  • Catch Weight Integration

    Swan add-ons

  • Picking dialogues in automated systems
  • Subdivided trays and pallets in the warehouse
  • Material flow optimisation for cross-traversing trolleys
  • Energy-efficient control of storage and retrieval machines
  • SAP UI5 applications for distribution centres

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  • Swan solutions for complex requirements

    The individual, complex requirements of our customers can often not be covered by the functions contained in the SAP standard alone. We therefore extend the functional scope of SAP EWM with useful products from our product development department. We have the detailed expertise in the field of logistics and software development to implement additional requirements for your warehouse management system in a customised manner. These include, for example, the implementation of ergonomic interfaces for optimised system operation, the connection to automated systems and warehouses and the integration of tugger trains in production supply.