SAP Basis & SAP Sizing

  • SWAN SAP Basis & SAP Sizing
  • The Optimal Foundation For Your SAP EWM With SAP Sizing and SAP Basis Services

    We establish your SAP logistics project on a solid technological foundation together with you. With our services in the area of SAP Basis, SAP Sizing, and SAP Optimizing, we calculate, design, and optimize the technical infrastructure of your SAP EWM for the project start.

    Thanks to our efficient SAP Sizing approach, we support you in determining the necessary hardware resources for optimal performance and scalability of your SAP environment and thus optimize resource utilization; with optimally configured SAP Basis, we ensure smooth system management; our SAP EWM performance optimization approach further maximizes efficiency in ongoing operations. This gives you a highly available, scalable, powerful, and responsive SAP environment that meets your business requirements and increases user satisfaction.

  • We calculate, design, and optimize the technical infrastructure of your SAP EWM!

  • SAP EWM System Sizing

    The Basis For Your Warehouse Performance

    Sizing refers to determining the hardware requirements of your SAP system such as network bandwidth, physical storage, hardware performance, and I/O capacity. Efficient sizing before the start of the project is crucial to ensure that your SAP EWM system runs smoothly and meets the company’s requirements. It helps to avoid bottlenecks, optimize performance, and minimize investment costs.

    SWAN supports you in sizing new and existing system environments to ensure smooth production operation. Our system configuration recommendations are based on in-house best practices.

    We start with an assessment of your business requirements and identification of relevant parameters. This includes the number of users, the type of activities performed in the application, and the expected data volumes and transaction volumes. Based on this information, we use specialized sizing tools to calculate the required resources that ensure the desired performance and scalability. By properly sizing hardware resources, we ensure efficient use of your SAP landscape, leading to improved business continuity and cost efficiency.

  • SWAN SAP EWM System Sizing
  • SWAN SAP EWM for smooth operations
  • Authorization Management for SAP EWM for Smooth Operations

    Before Go-Live, we assist you in developing a meaningful authorization concept for your SAP EWM. To do this, we first identify the necessary authorization objects that cover various aspects of the EWM system, such as warehouse management, goods movement, inventory, etc. Subsequently, authorization roles containing the required authorization objects are created. This is done through the creation of authorization roles and profiles.

    Careful setup and management of authorizations in SAP EWM ensure data security, prevent misuse, and ensure the smooth functioning of the warehouse management system.

  • SAP Basis Administration

    With our technical services, we ensure the smooth operation of your SAP EWM system before Go-Live. We work with you to develop a catalog of measures to be fulfilled before Go-Live to ensure that you establish a solid foundation for operating the SAP system and optimize your system to meet the requirements of your business operations. Our service includes measures for monitoring system performance, patch management, user administration, and ensuring system and data security, as well as interface configuration.

    An important aspect for us is the setup and design of housekeeping jobs. These serve to prevent unnecessary data growth by automating data cleaning tasks such as deleting old transaction data or no longer needed log data. SWAN supports you in defining suitable housekeeping jobs tailored to your specific requirements.

    Furthermore, we develop a meaningful and appropriate concept for archiving documents and movement data. This includes identifying relevant data, the archiving strategy, defining archiving objects, and specifying archiving periods. Effective archiving allows unused data to be removed from the operational database and stored in a separate archive, improving system performance and saving storage space.

  • SWAN SAP Basis Administration
  • SWAN SAP Basis Administration
  • Performance Optimization

    Performance optimization of SAP EWM is crucial to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse management system – especially when automation or high-performance workstations are used. We assist you with a specially tailored administration concept for EWM to reduce processing and program execution times. Our approach includes analyzing ongoing system environments to identify potential performance bottlenecks. We identify weaknesses and develop tailored improvement measures and concrete implementation recommendations. Special focus is placed on automated warehouse systems, robotics integrations, unnecessary waiting times in user interfaces, decentralized SAP EWM and SAP TM installations, as well as technical interfaces requiring high performance.

    Another important aspect is reviewing and optimizing customer-specific coding to address performance bottlenecks. Through a thorough analysis of the code, inefficient programming structures and database accesses can be identified and optimized to enhance system performance.

    We ensure that your SAP EWM system is optimally configured to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. With our customized solutions, we help eliminate bottlenecks, improve system response times, and ensure smooth operation of the warehouse management system.