SAP EWM x Autostore

  • SWAN SAP EWM System-Sizing
  • The Modern Small Parts Warehouse

    Connect and control your AutoStore® system directly with your SAP EWM. This direct system and process integration gives you complete control and transparency over your operations in real-time.

    AutoStore provides a powerful, flexible, and rapidly scalable solution for storing and picking small parts. Thanks to SWAN’s AutoStore EWM Integration, the system can be fully integrated into your existing SAP EWM and be operational in just a few days.

  • Connect and control your AutoStore® system directly with your SAP EWM

  • Control from your SAP EWM

    All warehouse and picking operations are controlled directly from your SAP system. This direct integration gives you complete real-time transparency and control over your warehouse operations. At the same time, the system is operated through a central interface.

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  • Analysis
  • Standardized Dialogs

    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Inspection
    • Inventory
    • Container Management
  • Continuous Expandability

    • Implementation of customer-specific customizations, processes, and dialogs
    • Provision of a data interface for creating custom dialogs
  • Repair
  • BAdI Framework
  • SAP UI5 Interface

    The processes are represented through standardized SAP UI5 dialogs in the familiar Fiori design, allowing for intuitive interface navigation and rapid task processing.

  • Quick Deployment

    The SWAN solution offers ready-made automatic integration solutions for many SAP processes to your AutoStore system, enabling quick deployment without additional middleware.

  • Fiori
  • Migration
  • Risk-Free Implementation

    We integrate AutoStore through the installation of our SAP software package with minimal risk and in just a few days adapted to your business processes. The SAP EWM customization according to your requirements is included.

  • Automated Control

    Increased efficiency of the system thanks to automated and optimized control of the AutoStore system with all detailed information from your SAP system.

  • Retrofit
Benefits of AutoStore Integration with SWAN
  • Direct integration without middleware allows for quick deployment of the system and reduces the overall complexity of your installation.
  • Intuitive UI5 interfaces ensure easy usability and reduce human errors.
  • Thanks to deep process integration, you have direct access to all management functions of your SAP EWM.
  • Automated and optimized control of the AutoStore system with all detailed data from your SAP system increases the efficiency of your installation.

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  • Intuitive User Interface

    A key element of the SWAN SAP EWM AutoStore Integration are modern UI5-based dialogs, which are intuitive to use and easy to learn. The clear interfaces increase transparency, save time in training and everyday use, and seamlessly integrate into your existing SAP EWM solution.

  • Predefined and Custom Processes and Dialogs

    SWAN delivers ready-to-use best-practice processes for inbound, order picking, and compliant inventory procedures. In addition to our “Ready-to-Use” dashboards for SAP EWM processes, we also develop individual interfaces and evaluations for meeting specific customer requirements.

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