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Highly professional employees work at SWAN tirelessly on smart and creative solutions to optimize intralogistics processes. In addition to enthusiasm for complex IT projects, many of us share a passion for football. Doesn’t it make sense then that we have a playground to play our To expand skills or just to be able to “tinker around”? That’s how the idea came about SWAN betting game app BET@SWAN, which combines games, fun and team building.

Okay, it’s really not easy to predict FC Bayern’s goal-intensive games correctly. But with the SWAN betting game app BET@SWAN we found a way to at least try. The app has been around since 2011, when SWAN was founded. The SAP web application is provided by our in-house SAP system. The betting game with statistics should also make it possible to get to work on Monday morning without first discussing the weekend’s football results in detail together.

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Joking aside, the SWAN employees simply wanted to test what is technically possible in the SAP system. We also want to keep optimizing the app and equipping it with new features. Half of our employees are currently playing regularly across all four locations. And that’s not all: two former colleagues are still with us.

Let’s start at the start of the season

At the beginning of the season, all participants pay a fee of 10 euros. Whoever wins can be happy. At the end of the season, he or she gets the total of the participation fees. Whoever loses can also be happy because he or she can organize a barbecue for everyone else at the respective location. So far, the loser has usually done this at home. Our shareholder and former managing director Andrè Nowinski can tell you a thing or two about it, he has had the honor more than once. But he didn’t leave the company for this reason, we have clarified that 😊.

Fortunately, our managing director Alexander Bernhard is not in danger of having to fire up the grill any time soon – he ranks in the top third with his tips. The winner takes care of the drinks on the barbecue evening – financed by his cash prize. The profit therefore benefits everyone at SWAN.

The advantages of BET@SWAN are not only evident at the end of the season, but also at the end of each match day. Because the loser brings a little something for the colleagues at his location, for example a snack, a white sausage breakfast or a cake.

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How the SWAN betting game app works

The app user does not have to access the company network so that you don’t log in again in a panic on Friday evening because you forgot the tips or come to the office on Monday in a bad mood for this reason. As part of the thesis of a former SWAN trainee, the app was given a new coat of paint in 2018. Since then, it has functioned as today’s SAP UI5 web application, regardless of platform, via smartphone or PC.

There is an app for Android that we install manually. Under the other platforms, we open the betting game app as a website. This is how we bypass any access permissions for the iOS store. The entire user interface team took care of the fine-tuning after the trainee’s preparatory work. We think she turned out very well! Now we can submit all of our picks on the go or on the weekend just before the game starts via mobile phone. The fixtures and final results are automatically loaded via a web server.

What BET@SWAN means to our team

I’m a Bayern fan. Nevertheless, the “Glubb” at the Nuremberg location and the FCA at SWAN Augsburg have broad fan support from our employees. I think it’s great that SWAN gives us the opportunity to combine this passion for football and technical sophistication.

I see it as a win-win situation for everyone when the employer not only uses the skills of employees for innovative customer solutions, but also for unusual ideas for ourselves. In this regard, SWAN definitely scores. Everyone can still bring their own ideas to improve the app. We are currently working on a notification tool with a push message in the app so that we no longer forget any tips.

Searched for and found a name for the SWAN betting game

By mid-2020 we were still missing a catchy name for the app. After so many years it was time, SWAN betting game app is a bit sober.

So we let our employees vote, at the risk of having to live with the result in the end, as in this example of an online vote 😊 31 employees took part in the vote, for example with suggestions like SWANtissimo. BET@SWAN prevailed. A solid name for our dynamic app!

Joshua Reichert, Team Lead SAP UI5

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