Customer Lifecycle Service

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    At SWAN, projects are approached with a long-term and service-oriented perspective. Therefore, the SWAN Customer Lifecycle Service (CLS) is integrated into the customer project from the beginning and actively collaborates during project phases such as testing, commissioning, or ramp-up/hypercare. After go-live, the CLS team is available to customers and third parties with incident management day and night, 365 days a year.

  • Our services are tailored to individual customer requirements and offer continuous support beyond the project duration.

  • Customer Life-Cycle Support

    In addition, SWAN offers change request management, development services, and individually tailored training, also in collaboration with the SWAN Academy. For the further development of your system and logistics landscape, we offer our customers regular optimization workshops with your SWAN key account manager or project team. During these workshops, we compare your processes with other best-practice approaches and standard SAP solutions. The state-of-the-art solutions resulting from the workshops make it easier for you to evaluate the ROI for your company.

    Subsequently, the SWAN project team, together with your IT department, develops the necessary adjustments in the deployed software solutions and supports you in their implementation. We accompany the entire adaptation process and coordinate conception, testing, training, documentation, and project management up to commissioning.

  • High-bay warehouse
  • 24 Hours
  • 24/7 Support

    For our 24/7 support, we rely on personal contact with a SWAN CLS employee. This allows us to guarantee fast response times within your SLA agreements and provide personal expert support.

  • Change Management

    We accompany you during the process to enable a smooth adaptation to system functionalities. Our services range from analysis/evaluation to strategy development and implementation of measures.

  • Usability
  • Fiori
  • Support for Release Upgrades/Patches

    We are happy to support you with release upgrades, patches, or migrations with experienced consultants to enable short and trouble-free transitions through intensive testing.

  • SAP EWM Service Takeover from Third-party Customers

    The transition of services into the maintenance phase at SWAN follows ITIL standards. Using the same proven standards, we can also take over SAP EWM services from third-party customers.

  • Repair
  • Training
  • Key User and User Training

    We accompany you before, during, and after go-live with user and administrator training. We offer both SAP standard and customer-specific training.

  • Performance Task Force

    In case of performance fluctuations, our SWAN expert team takes care of root cause analysis and resolution, such as system-specific health checks, consideration of archiving/housekeeping concepts, follow-up analyses, and program code analyses.

  • Project Management
Swan Transition Methodology
For a smooth service transition, we rely on the interaction of shadowing and reverse shadowing methods. This ensures that the knowledge of the implementation team is fully transferred to the service team before it becomes solely responsible for further support processes.


    In the first step of the transition, ticket processing is carried out by the project team with the support of the Customer Lifecycle Support team. Only when the processes function smoothly here and all requests are also completed by the Customer Lifecycle Support team does the project team hand over responsibility to them.

    Reverse Shadowing

    In the second step, the Customer Lifecycle Support team, supported by the project team, processes all incoming tickets. The ongoing exchange between both teams ensures a complete knowledge transfer into the support phase.

    Final Service Transition

    The complete handover to the Customer Lifecycle Support team is completed once we can ensure a complete knowledge transfer. Only then does the project team withdraw from processing support requests and tickets entirely.

Assessing Your Performance
We assist you in assessing the current performance of your systems and bringing their full potential back.


  • By contacting us, indicate the areas where performance and efficiency issues occur in the process. This allows us to assign the right expert to you immediately.

    Performance Measurement, Analysis, and Recommendation

  • We review the current state of your SAP EWM system, analyze SAP system settings, process customizations, and customer-specific software implementations. For a precise analysis of your performance losses, our SWAN Performance Task Force experts require access to your SAP system. This is usually done via remote access. For particularly critical systems, on-site analysis may be necessary – in such cases, we prioritize rapid response and short travel times. Subsequently, you will receive tailored recommendations and concepts for performance improvement.

    Implementation of Tailored Performance Concepts

  • Together with your knowledge carriers, we implement the measures and concepts developed earlier: we eliminate bottlenecks, improve system response times, and ensure smooth operation of your warehouse management system. Depending on the project requirements, our experts work remotely on your systems or directly on-site – here, we prioritize rapid response and short travel times.

    Success Measurement and Documentation

  • We deliver measurable results. After implementing our measures and concepts, we verify and document performance and efficiency improvements and provide further recommendations for maintaining these results.
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  • Incident Management

    Our German and English-speaking support team is available for you around the clock and can connect to your SAP and IT systems within minutes, analyze disruptions, and promptly resolve them. We deliberately avoid a prelude call center – you are immediately connected to your SWAN contact person. This allows us to guarantee fast response times within your SLA agreements and provide personal support by trained staff.

    In addition to telephone support, we also offer email support and a clear and user-friendly ticket system for recording your service requests.

  • Continuous Service Improvement

    We rely on active monitoring of your systems and facilities to ensure high availability of your facilities. Therefore, our service product portfolio includes clear monitoring dialogs that are already in use at most of our customers. Thanks to active monitoring, we have achieved higher system availability and improved planning of day-to-day operations.

  • High-bay warehouse
  • Logistics warehouse
  • Performance Optimization with the SWAN Performance Task Force

    At SWAN, we aim to implement complex SAP logistics systems efficiently – and to keep them performing efficiently in the long run. We are aware that this is a complex task and therefore rely on close collaboration with SAP SE and continuous training of our employees. Our SWAN Performance Task Force consists of experts with different focuses and is supplemented during deployment with specialized know-how from our pool of employees.