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SAPUI5 based applications

Offer your employees a modern and pleasant work experience with intuitive system interfaces. For all SAP enhancements and our SWAN applications, we rely on the highly customizable SAP UI5 standard according to Fiori guidelines. This guarantees you not only flexibility in the design of intuitive user interfaces, but also a high level of interoperability with SAP and non-SAP systems. Thanks to HTML-based interfaces and a modern responsive design, your SAP and SWAN applications run reliably on any device – even without a permanent Internet connection.


A smooth go-live without system failures or plant downtime saves you a lot of time, money and nerves. Therefore, we rely on a realistic plant emulation before the go-live in order to detect and eliminate possible bugs and malfunctions in advance. In this way, we guarantee a speedy workflow for the implementation of your requirements and ensure that your systems and equipment run smoothly and without disruptions in your logistics chain, even in live operation. Even after go-live, our plant emulations can continue to be operated as digital twins in order to test optimizations during ongoing operation without having to intervene in it.
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With the SWAN 3D-Logistics-Cockpit you always have an overview of the processes in your warehouse. In addition, you can make manual adjustments to your workflows with just a few clicks from the cockpit. The SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit visualizes your intralogistics processes of each of your SAP EWM warehouses by means of comprehensive and detailed 3D illustrations – transparent, descriptive and up-to-date with data. Your Digital Twins created in this way reveals your optimization potential for your intralogistics and warehouse operations in a data-driven manner and allows you to quickly adapt your processes.

SAP EWM Forklift Location System

Improved inventory transparency, increased process reliability – you can also achieve significant performance improvements when optimizing your warehouse processes. The innovative forklift tracking system developed by SWAN allows you to track all goods movements in the warehouse with centimeter precision. At the same time, the module is fully integrated into SAP EWM. The inclusion of the automatically determined position data in the entire logistics SAP process chain makes the otherwise usual scanning of goods carrier barcodes superfluous, which additionally relieves your employees.

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