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With SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) you introduce the most powerful warehouse management system on the market. Already out-of-the-box, the module offers numerous setting options that make your logistics and warehouse management processes more efficient. Thanks to numerous integration options in your SAP landscape as well as the ability for multi-client use with several ERP systems, SAP EWM is particularly flexible and highly customizable.

All process stages of your intralogistics benefit from this high degree of customizability: SAP EWM reveals your optimization fields on a data-driven basis, which ultimately allows you to make your warehouse management processes more efficient. However, especially in complex distribution and production warehouses, further adjustments are required. Software enhancements by an experienced development and implementation partner like SWAN GmbH are highly worthwhile in order to meet your very individual requirements.

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SAP EWM Lagerverwaltung SWAN GmbH

Transparent and efficient warehouse management with SAP EWM

SAP EWM maps all processes of your intralogistics and warehousing and allows you to control your processes in a very granular way. The main focus of the module is on general administration, management of incoming and outgoing goods, distribution of goods within your warehouse and fulfillment of customer orders.

The system is arbitrarily scalable and thus individually adaptable to the needs of different types of warehouses, incl. highly complex distribution and production warehouses. Within SAP EWM, you manage your inventories at storage bin level, regardless of whether you run an automated warehouse, high-bay warehouse, block warehouse or fixed bin warehouse. The individual configuration of these storage bins allows you a higher utilization of your storage bins as well as a predictive warehouse optimization based on your system data.

Unlike other systems, SAP EWM allows you to control your flow of goods highly efficiently as early as the putaway stage by dividing your goods receipt into any number of individual steps, keeping bin and HU stocks transparent during storage, and customizing the goods issue process with picking and shipping. This macro perspective allows you to uncover performance potential and continuously optimize your intralogistics in a data-driven manner.

The comprehensive monitoring functions in SAP EWM provide you with a system-updated view of your inventories and warehouse movements. In the medium and long term, the uncovered regularities and anomalies allow you to perform a predictive load analysis, as a result of which you can react to possible critical warehouse processes at an early stage to ensure on-time warehouse movements.

SAP EWM can be used for older and newer SAP ERP generations. If you are already using SAP S/4HANA, we implement SAP EWM as an integrated solution “embedded”. Thus, the SAP logistics platform often forms the overarching bracket in their S/4HANA migration plans.


High-performance SAP EWM configuration with SWAN

The large number of configuration options make SAP EWM the ideal warehouse management system for intralogistics. At the same time, it is precisely this multitude of options that poses a challenge when implementing the system. For your demanding warehouse processes, you therefore need an experienced implementation partner who is thoroughly familiar with the functionalities and settings in SAP EWM and brings in industry-specific best practices.

Over the past 11 years, we have assisted over 50 companies in evaluating their requirements and then successfully implementing SAP EWM. For the successful implementation and the subsequent further support of your logistics landscape for the ongoing optimization of your warehouse management, we rely on a methodically secured approach.

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SAP EWM nachhaltige Loesungen SWAN GmbH

Sustainable solutions for complex requirements

At the same time, we know that the individual, complex requirements of our customers often cannot be covered by the functions contained in the SAP standard alone. Therefore, we extend the functional scope of SAP EWM with useful products from our product development. We have the detailed know-how in the field of logistics as well as software development to implement further requirements for your warehouse management system in a custom-fit manner. These include, for example, the implementation of ergonomic interfaces for optimized system operation, the integration of highly complex picking processes in automated systems, or the integration of route trains in production supply.

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