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Increase the performance of your intralogistics by integrating its process control directly into your SAP landscape. Thanks to the deep linkage with your ERP systems and other SAP modules, you will experience a significant increase in the efficiency of your warehouse and the associated processes. The improved data created by this tight integration helps you make faster and better business decisions. And optimize process performance in your warehouse and logistics management.

The SAP logistics modules support all warehouse and delivery processes and, thanks to their close integration with adjacent business processes, provide a much more transparent view of your supply chain. This applies to both complex warehousing for sophisticated distribution and production warehouses, as well as less complex use cases.

To optimize your complex warehouse management, SWAN relies on the implementation of a combination of the standalone SAP module SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) and the SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) module integrated within SAP EWM.



The standalone SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) module gives you a wide range of options for managing and controlling automated and manual logistics centers. The granular setting options allow individual adjustments to the complex processes of your warehouse logistics. In this way, you create a reliable data basis for optimized business decisions in the field of intralogistics. As an experienced implementation partner, SWAN supports you in optimally using the multitude of SAP EWM functions offered according to your requirements. We also have the detailed know-how to implement other requirements for your warehouse management system with precision. We know that the individual requirements of our customers often cannot be covered by the functions contained in the SAP standard alone. Therefore, we extend the functional scope of SAP EWM with useful products from our product development.


By integrating your material flow control directly into your SAP Warehouse Management system, you exploit further potential for optimizing processes and workflows. The SAP MFS (Material Flow System) module is directly integrated into the SAP EWM module, enabling direct connection of automation technology in fully and partially automated warehouse complexes without the need for an additional external material flow computer. The resulting transparency gives you a data-based view of your processes, from which you can derive potential restructuring measures. Beyond the SAP standard, SWAN offers intelligent extensions/add-ons for complex use cases to further optimize your material flow control. These include solutions for application complexities such as complex load handling equipment, multi-depth storage, sequencing or improved energy efficiency.


Achieve high process performance across your entire supply chain. With the complementary SAP TM (SAP Transportation Management) module, you create complete transparency on logistics processes across the entire supply chain. Thanks to SAP TM, you plan and control delivery types, transport routes and all related processes directly within your SAP landscape. This orchestration of all operations in your supply chain allows you to accurately plan all flows of goods for even more efficient logistics processes. In addition to your own fleet, shipping and tracking of external service providers can also be mapped in the module, giving you full control over your resources at all times. This allows, for example, make-or-buy decisions in the background.
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