Dynamism and diversification are requirements for an efficient logistics network today – especially in the automotive industry. Because here there is a comprehensive supply chain with many links, consisting of numerous suppliers and service providers. The number of vehicle parts alone speaks volumes: a car needs around ten thousand individual parts.



With the use of intelligent add-ons, e.g. for automated tugger trains, we link manufacturing and distribution processes. We automate and track serial numbers and package in accordance with QEM. With the use of SAP EWM and SAP TM, we ensure efficiency and transparency along the entire supply and logistics chain. So that you are also in pole position tomorrow.


For our automotive customers, we have developed a fully SAP EWM integrated route train solution with schedule generator based on the production shifts. The tugger trains take over the flow of goods for production supply and are connected to a fully automatic tugger train loading system. In doing so, the software solution calculates and controls the optimal time window for retrieval and sequenced, volume-optimized staging for the correct kanban routes as well as automatic loading of the tugger trains.

In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, a comprehensive planning tool was developed for the specific requirements of a tugger train logic – this resulted in a schedule generator with reliable scheduling of the tugger trains, their stops, shifts, breaks and routes in SAP EWM.

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Especially in the highly synchronized automotive industry, a coordinated flow of goods between logistics, production and shipping plays a decisive role in efficient value creation. The SAP EWM integration of AGV  results in a flexible and scalable automation of internal material flows with a sustainable reduction of throughput times. We are happy to support you in selecting the right vehicles for small and large load carriers and with our experience in AGV integration into SAP logistics systems.


The right packaging plays a key role, especially in the automotive industry. In the production lines, the goods must not only arrive at the right place at the right time, they must also be available for further processing in the right quantity and suitable packaging.

Through functions such as packing specifications and VAS orders or with the help of planned shipping HUs from TM, it is ensured in EWM during picking that the shipping pallets are ideally assembled according to customer specifications. We provide support in mapping the physical activities consistently in EWM. This also includes the management and booking of consumables for packaging materials, as well as labeling using VDA-compliant labels. Customer-specific delivery splits for pallet targeting requirements are also not new territory for us.

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Beim Hersteller für Interieur-Komponenten und Bediensystemen für die Automobilindustrie haben wir in Hardheim ein vollautomatisches Multifunktionslager mit SAP EWM / MFS eingeführt. The double-deep high-bay warehouse with storage and retrieval aisles on both sides provides shipping pallets in sequence for goods issue and supplies the double-deep miniload with replenishment. The sequenced picking workstations are supplied from the miniload warehouse with multiple load handling devices. The production is connected via tugger trains.

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Together with our automation partner KARDEX MLOG, we implemented SAP EWM for a highly automated production site at TMD Friction’s Essen location. The scope of services includes a high-bay warehouse with several storage and retrieval aisles, a multi-aisle automatic tote storage system, and corresponding pallet and tote conveyor technology on several levels. An integrative highlight is the sequenced recipe filling into production directly at automatic workstations in the mixing plant.

our customers

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We look forward to your inquiry about SAP logistics solutions in the automotive sector and will be happy to support you in the initial brainstorming and design phase.

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