3D Logistics Cockpit

  • Forklift in the Warehouse
  • More Transparency and Flexibility

    The 3D warehouse visualization simplifies your control center’s daily tasks by clearly depicting complex processes, allowing for intuitive operation and process control. Additionally, customizable dashboards and visual filter and sorting functions ensure that your employees can quickly access the necessary information.

  • With the SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit, visualize and control your SAP warehouse from a single interface – fully responsive and intuitive!

  • Identify Optimization Potentials with Real-Time Insights

    Each step of work tracked by your warehouse management software provides valuable data, allowing you to identify optimization potentials in your warehouse management early on. A standardized work step in the shop floor can not only be efficiently executed but also optimized based on data. Using real-time information from the shop floor, the SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit creates a data-driven 3D representation of your warehouse (“Digital Twin”).

  • Employee in the Warehouse
  • Fast Integration
  • Fast Integration

    The 3D Logistics Cockpit can be integrated into any modern SAP EWM system and is quickly ready for use thanks to the seamless use of the SAP standard. Additionally, the 3D model of the warehouse is automatically generated without effort.

  • Absolute Transparency

    The digital twin enables a comprehensive overview and creates unprecedented transparency in your own warehouse through visual 3D filters and analyses at the touch of a button.

  • Transparency
  • Fiori
  • Short Onboarding

    The understanding of internal processes in your own warehouse created by the cockpit leads to optimization of work steps. At the same time, it reduces the onboarding time of new employees and enables faster task execution.

  • Intuitive Operation

    The user interface of the 3D Logistics Cockpit is designed in the familiar Fiori UI5 design and ensures, with its clear representation, intuitive and self-explanatory operation in everyday work life.

  • Knowledge Base
  • Interfaces
  • Continuously Expandable

    The prefabricated features and functions of the 3DLC already cover a wide range of use cases and can be adapted or expanded to meet other specific customer requirements.

  • Mobile Deployment

    Whether on the desktop PC in the office, on the tablet in the warehouse, or from home on the smartphone, the 3D Logistics Cockpit is usable everywhere and at all times thanks to its responsive design.

  • Mobile Device
Benefits of SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit
  • Best Usability on All Devices – Maximize your warehouse performance with customizable, responsive dashboards and visualizations
  • Minimize human errors and increase warehouse efficiency through a Digital Twin from your SAP data
  • The SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit can be easily integrated into your existing or newly implemented SAP landscape
  • Industry-independent for any warehouse type – thanks to high customizability, the SWAN 3D Logistics Cockpit is usable in any warehouse

  • Employee and employee in the warehouse
  • IoT Integration

    Thanks to IoT integration, you can not only track your goods but also locate every vehicle in the warehouse, thus optimizing route planning within your warehouse. The positioning of the 3D elements (forklifts, storage locations, doors, transport units, handling units, stocks, etc.) is also done using standard SAP data.

  • Intuitive Handling

    The digital twin excels with its UI5 framework with high usability. Through the graphical interface, all logistics activities within your warehouse can be controlled intuitively and with minimal adaptation time.

  • Forklift in the warehouse