#sogehthybrid: SWAN wins “European Training Award 2022” of the BDVT e.V.

SWAN GmbH erhält „goldene Eule“ für erfolgreiches hybrides Trainingskonzept

Project House for SAP Logistics Receives “Golden Owl” for Successful Hybrid Training Concept

Augsburg, June 15, 2022. A concept that pays off. SWAN GmbH is delighted to receive the “European Training Award 2022” from the Professional Association for Training, Consulting, and Coaching (BDVT e.V.). The SAP experts were awarded the “Golden Owl” for exceptional training and qualification measures in the category of “Hybrid/Blended Training”. Manuela König, Human Resources Director at SWAN, collaborated with external trainer Eva-Maria Kraus from NEWVIEW Vienna and SWAN CEO Alexander Bernhard to develop a hybrid training concept for executives.

The program titled #sogehthybrid, developed by Manuela König and trainer Eva-Maria Kraus, takes SWAN executives on a comprehensive learning journey. This aims to enable SWAN to establish a modern, strength-focused, and active leadership culture in change management for the future world of work. At the core of the 3-stage training concept lies the combination of the opportunities and benefits of all work and learning environments, to meet the evolving leadership demands effectively. This approach convinced the BDVT e.V. jury, allowing SWAN to clinch the top spot in the “Hybrid/Blended Training” category for the prestigious “European Training Award”.

European Training Award

The Professional Association for Training, Consulting, and Coaching (BDVT e.V.) has been awarding the “European Training Award” since 1992. It serves as a guide and trendsetter for methodology and effectiveness in further education, from New Work to New Learning. “We are very pleased with this fantastic first prize for an exceptional training,” enthused Manuela König. “This project was a great challenge for me, where I once again had the opportunity to grow.”

Lived Values, Agility, and New Work

SWAN CEO Alexander Bernhard is also highly satisfied: “The award proves that with our 3-stage hybrid training concept, we are hitting the pulse of the times. The reflective methodology aligns 100% with our corporate culture.” Trust in their own abilities, teamwork, dedication, responsibility – but also innovation and agility – define SWAN. Flat hierarchies and self-responsible work contribute to their culture. “We don’t want stagnation. We want our employees to grow and develop in their roles, whether they are seasoned leaders or newcomers,” added Alexander Bernhard.