SWAN celebrates successful trade fair comeback at LogiMAT

SWAN 3D-Logistics Cockpit

Project House for SAP Logistics Reflects on a Successful LogiMAT 2022

Augsburg, June 13, 2022. SWAN GmbH looks back on a positive outcome after three intense days at LogiMAT 2022. At the center of SWAN’s exhibition was their proprietary SAP EWM add-on, “SWAN 3D-Logistics Cockpit”. This “Digital-Twin” solution for SAP EWM enables intuitive interaction with inventory and movement data in logistics. Additionally, SWAN’s SAP S/4HANA migration projects with SAP EWM integration and SAP EWM projects with automated material flow also drew interest from visitors.

After over two years of pandemic-related hiatus, logistics expert SWAN celebrates a successful LogiMAT. From May 31 to June 1, the trade fair for intralogistics and process management welcomed around 50,000 visitors. SWAN is pleased overall – both in terms of visitor numbers and individual contacts. In addition to existing customers, SWAN welcomed many new prospects, logistics planners, and SAP partner companies at their booth. There was significant demand, particularly in the SAP TM and EWM business areas, where SWAN logged many new contacts and inquiries promising exciting projects and collaborations. The SAP S/4HANA migration projects with SAP EWM integration and SAP EWM projects with automated material flow also garnered considerable interest.

SWAN 3D-Logistics Cockpit

A standout feature of SWAN’s exhibition: their own continually evolving “SWAN 3D-Logistics Cockpit”. Leveraging existing SAP EWM data, it creates a virtual 3D representation of the warehouse. This “Digital-Twin” provides a lifelike depiction of inventory and warehouse structures in real-time, greatly easing operations in the control center and minimizing complex, error-prone warehouse processes. Control is intuitive thanks to the 3D interface based on SAPUI5. Users can easily create warehouse tasks through drag-and-drop functionality. Connections between warehouse structures, shelves, and real-time inventory and location data are clear in the three-dimensional space, facilitating rapid detection of process deviations. Various location and tracking solutions can also be integrated for asset and resource tracking in virtual reality. The SWAN 3D-Logistics Cockpit is a Fiori application that seamlessly integrates into any SAP EWM system and can be retrofitted into existing installations without issues.

SAP Logistics for Automated Warehouses

Furthermore, SWAN offers an extensive range of SAP logistics applications to optimize digitalization and automation of warehouse processes. Thanks to partnerships with SSI Schäfer and a broad network of other warehouse automation and robotics providers, SWAN can always offer the best solution from various options.

At LogiMAT 2022, there was particularly high demand for integrated SAP solutions such as pallet planning and SWAN’s 3D picking workstation for cartons, as well as the SAPUI5 solution portfolio for various workplace scenarios.

Overall, there is a noticeable trend towards new automated logistics facilities in Europe. Challenges with global supply chains, such as recent disruptions at the Panama Canal or lockdowns in Shanghai, are driving this development.

SWAN also adds value by connecting manual logistics activities with automated facilities in collaboration with their partners’ asset tracking solutions. At LogiMAT, SWAN demonstrated a potential solution and made it tangible: live tracking of booth personnel.

“For us, it was not only crucial to showcase our SAP solutions at the fair but also especially rewarding to finally reconnect and engage in face-to-face conversations after such a long time,” concluded Alexander Bernhard, CEO of SWAN. “I appreciate all the inspiring insights from the logistics community, the open exchange, and the great commitment of our team at the fair.”