SWAN implements SAP EWM at BASF Agricultural Solutions

Autonome Gabelstapler in einem Lager

SAP Logistics Project House Supports BASF Agricultural Solutions Deutschland in Digitizing Intralogistics Processes at Ludwigshafen Site.

Augsburg, April 1, 2022 – SWAN GmbH has successfully realized and implemented a SAP-EWM solution to integrate production supply at BASF SE’s Ludwigshafen site. The company is implementing a SAP-controlled material flow 24/7 along the entire intralogistics process chain, using driverless transport systems and automated pallet conveyor lines: from raw material storage via driverless transport systems to automatic provisioning at filling machines and transport of finished products to shipping warehouses.

At a plant for crop protection products of BASF, SWAN’s SAP-EWM solution has been put into operation. From 2017 to 2021, the SAP logistics project house accompanied the phased introduction of SAP EWM in conjunction with the use of driverless transport systems (FTS) and the extensive expansion of automated pallet conveyor lines.

The integration of production supply with SAP EWM took place in a multi-storey and extensive warehouse complex at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site. The intralogistics process begins with fully automatic storage of raw materials at goods receipt using highly automated stackers. Subsequently, materials are prepared at filling machines in the correct order of process orders. Control of FTS is managed through the material flow component of the SAP-EWM warehouse management system. Technical integration of filling machines with SAP EWM ensures a secure and error-free filling process.

After the manufacturing process, SAP returns finished pallets to the FTS vehicle fleet for transportation to various shipping warehouses. Highly automated vehicles can move within areas alongside people and other material handling vehicles using laser-based positioning and sophisticated safety technology. Transfer between building levels is facilitated by newly installed conveying technology and pallet lifts controlled by SAP-EWM.

In FTS-controlled floor and rack warehouses, pallets are stacked according to a complex set of rules, taking into account co-storage prohibitions and physical properties of products and packaging. In shipping, sequenced provision for loading occurs. This process is also fully automated through interaction of FTS vehicles and SAP EWM. Only the final transport stage to truck trailers or overseas containers remains handled by conventional material handling vehicles.

“With the close integration of humans and machines in storage and provisioning areas, we have created a solution that ensures SAP-controlled material flow 24/7,” says Alexander Bernhard, Managing Director of SWAN GmbH. “As part of our customer lifecycle program, we support ongoing operations beyond project activities and accompany optimization processes,” Bernhard continues.

“In collaboration with SWAN, we have established a fully integrated and vertically integrated system successfully implemented by SAP EWM. With this system, our operation is well prepared for the future,” adds Timo Ricker, BASF process manager at the crop protection product filling center in Ludwigshafen.

The provision of driverless transport systems and shelving was carried out by Suffel Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG, while the installation of storage technology, conveyor lines, and lifts was handled by Aberle Körber Solutions.